CQMSA au Scandinave

When our group was formed we chose the following procedure:

  1. A company was formed for each of the condos. The company is the condo’s owner and a maximum of 52 shares are issued, which is one share for each week owned. The company’s executive made up of the president, the vice-president and the secretary holds a general annual meeting of the shareholders in november.
  2. The fourteen companies represented by a member of their executive ( usually the president) are gathered together within an association (CQMSA) managed by an executive elected in order to harmonize corporative regulations and to establish coherent policies relative to the management of the condos units. The association’s mission is to:
    • Plan, organize and control the management’s policies and the budgetary process and finances of each of the companies.
    • Maintain our business relations with our suppliers in general and RCI in particular.
    • Hire and supervise the necessary staff in order to maintain the services to a required level by our association’s condo members.
    • The staff and supervision is the responsability of an administrator who is answerable to the association’s executive. 

Our condos are located in the complex Le Scandinave of St- Ferréol-les-Neiges, nearby the Mont Ste-Anne ski center. The complex is made up of two buildings ( phase 1 and phase 2 ) of 52 condominiums each and of 16 townhouses ( phase 3). Our investments in this real-estate complex of 9 millions are approximately 1 million dollars.